Sonnenblume is the German word for sunflower, and is the name of my flower farm and floral design studio, located in the heart of Minnesota.

Sonnenblume Flower Farm and Design is a full-service floral design studio and flower farm in Brainerd, Minnesota. The flower farm provides almost all of the flowers used in Sonnenblume’s weddings, events, retail floral designs, farmers markets, and more.

I am committed to customer satisfaction, delight, and education. I strive to use only the highest-quality local flowers, the most interesting and delightful varieties, and to educate customers about the joy of flowers through community outreach.

About the designs

Sonnenblume floral designs are a celebration of color and texture. The flowers grown here on the farm come in a wide range of hues, allowing for beautiful tonal color combinations in each arrangement. I also love using a variety of textural elements, which are what make my designs so interesting and pleasing to the eye.

I choose flowers that are unique and unusual, so I can surprise my customers with flowers they might never have seen before.

My designs have been described as romantic, natural, organic and different. People love how many different kinds of flowers there are in each arrangement, and how no two arrangements are ever the same.

About the farm

The flower farm is nestled in the old hay field behind our family home. Surrounded by forest and meadow, it’s the perfect place to grow over 40 different types of flowers in hundreds of varietals.

There are few things more beautiful than a flower that’s cut fresh in the morning, in its perfect stage of bloom, and that only travels a few miles to you without ever leaving water or being put in a box.

It’s a stark contrast to conventional flowers which are bred for standardization, cut before they bloom, dipped in chemicals, wrapped in plastic and then shipped dry in a box for thousands of miles to a florist, after which they go to you.

That’s why I grow my own flowers–I know that my flowers are higher quality, longer-lasting, more fragrant, and more vibrant than conventional flowers.

About Mary Schaefbauer

I have been in the floral industry for over five years, and I have traveled across the country working with designers from all areas to expand my knowledge and hone my skills.

Unsatisfied with the standard flowers that are commercially available, I carefully curate my own garden and fill it with the most beautiful, colorful, fragrant and unusual flowers I can find. I design arrangements, weddings, and events that are beyond the ordinary, that take inspiration from the local environment and artfully blend color, texture, and shape. I want to collaborate with you to create flowers that are completely unique to you and that surpass your wildest dreams.

About sustainability

I am committed to sustainability, so I use locally grown flowers almost exclusively. Sourcing chemical-free flowers ensures that my designs do not cause harm to the soil, to our vital pollinators, or to my customers.

Importing flowers creates a huge carbon footprint, so I always source from nearby growers first (plus, that stimulates our local economy). I reduce waste by avoiding single-use plastics like flower sleeves and floral foam, and I compost all floral waste and leftovers.

I always do my best to take care of the earth, since it is such a vital element of my business and my life.

July 2019 farm tour


  • Celeste

    So proud of you! Wishes for your business to double as your flowers ? you are growing did. Do what you love and enjoy life you are an amazing young woman and I am proud of your passion, spirit, work ethic and your love of life and pursuing it,

  • Kathy Bruhjell

    I found the beautiful bouquet that you left at the Nisswa turtle races on Wednesday. I live in Dassel which is about 35 miles south of St. Cloud. The flowers still look great and I’m using them as a center piece on my kitchen countertop. It made our trip to Nisswa extra special.

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