• A Minneosta hoophouse high tunnel in winter, used to grow local flowers

    A Reflection on Flower Farming in Minnesota

    I’ve spent the last few months traveling around the country as a freelance floral designer–always south of home, but usually in the warmer climates of the South and Southwest. Spending time in these states and visiting with their inhabitants has…

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    Launching Flower Subscriptions and Gift Cards

    Valentine’s day is closing in on us now. This is one of the most popular times of year to buy flowers… unfortunately for me, there are about 3 feet of snow on the ground a not a single flower blooming…

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    2019 Year in Review

    2019 was, without doubt, the most amazing year my business has ever had. This year I pushed myself harder than ever before to attain excellence and success. My garden was bigger and more beautiful than ever, and I successfully grew…

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    Opened Tulips-2019’s Spring Floral Trend?

    As I was browsing Instagram one day, as I do every day for far too much of the day, I noticed a similarity in many of the gorgeous floral arrangements that used seasonal spring blooms. While each design was unique…

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    Wild events

    I was recently asked to flower for a church event, a celebration of the 5oth anniversary of an important Papal encyclical, the Humanae Vitae, which is a teaching on married love and parenthood.

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    Reflecting on June

    My first market of the year was the 30th. A perfect way to say goodbye to June… saying hello to my Cuyuna Market family. I missed you all.

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    Purple Season

    Things are finally spooling up around here. I accidentally planted the calla lilies too early, aren’t they sweet?

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    Here I Am

    I’m here with a lot of joy, and with a lot of excuses and a lot of stress and troubles behind me.