• Bridal bouquet and flower crown made of dried orange slices local dried flowers, by Sonnenblume Flower Farm and Design in Minnesota
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    Dried Flowers for Winter

    Minnesota winters are some of the coldest, longest, and snowiest in the states. Usually by the end of January, after the joy and excitement of the holiday season has worn off, I’m sick and tired of the cold and I’m…

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    Tribute to Cuyuna

    The Cuyuna lakes area is rich with gorgeous mine pit lakes, rolling hills tinted red with iron ore, and a flourishing community of creative and ambitious people.I grew up going to church and homeschool group there, so I’ve had the…

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    Study in Purple

    There were too many hues and variations of purple, magenta, pink, etc. in the garden in mid-August for me not to do something about it. It didn’t hurt that my dear friend Maison still had a tinge of purple dye…

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    Tribute to Brainerd Bouquet

    Toward the end of August 2019 I wanted to make a bouquet to pay symbolic tribute to my hometown of Brainerd, Minnesota. I was inspired by three gorgeous red rudbeckia flowers that were blooming at the time, one of the…