Weddings and Events

Sonnenblume Floral Design is currently booking weddings and events through October 2019.

If you are looking for wedding or event flowers in the Brainerd Lakes Area, and you appreciate a look that complements the unmatched beauty that nature provides, arranged in a way that creates a piece of art but respects the flowers’ natural beauty, and value ethically and sustainably sourced blooms, I would love nothing more than to provide those flowers for your wedding or event .

One of the most important parts of my design work is that I source or forage local, organic flowers first, before I order imported flowers. Blooms that are sourced from my farm here in Brainerd, or within a 3-hour drive are of vastly superior quality to imported flowers, and I will settle for nothing less than the highest flower quality to ensure spectacular, fragrant, unique, and long-lasting flowers; additionally, to ensure that the process of growing the flowers did nothing to harm the environment, and that the people who grew them were treated responsibly and paid a fair wage.

My design style celebrates the uniqueness and beauty of nature (scroll through the gallery below for examples of my past work). Sonnenblume designs are natural, garden-esque, and wild to varying levels according to your personal taste, but with high attention to detail in form, texture, and color. I am obsessed with color, and my designs explore the depth of tonal color that unique flowers can provide.

My offerings include ceremony and reception pieces (centerpieces, installations, accents, etc.), and wedding party personals (bouquets, boutonnieres, etc.)

I do not use floral foam unless absolutely necessary. Floral foam fills landfills across the world because it does not decompose or degrade, it restricts the free movement of flowers in designs, and it greatly shortens flowers’ vase life. There are plenty of floral mechanics that serve me just as well and better than foam.

No budget is too small, and I love working with DIY brides!

Contact me at or (218) 232-7795 to set up a consultation.