Launching Flower Subscriptions and Gift Cards

Valentine’s day is closing in on us now. This is one of the most popular times of year to buy flowers… unfortunately for me, there are about 3 feet of snow on the ground a not a single flower blooming in the garden.

While I could ship in some flowers from abroad and use them to crank out arrangements I’m not passionate about, I have decided to offer my flowers in a different way this year.

If you are looking to give Valentine’s day gifts this year, whether it’s to your partner, or to a child, sister, mother, grandmother, or friend, you can support Sonnenblume and sustainable flowers by giving a Gift card or one of three types of Flower Subscriptions.

A gift card is a great way to give the gift of Sonnenblume flowers. They can be purchased through the website, and you can either send it to the recipient’s email, or you can print out a card to give to the recipient. Gift cards can be used on anything in the Sonnenblume shop, including flowers, floral design workshops, or flower subscriptions.

A flower subscription is truly the gift that keeps on giving. Instead of giving your loved one flowers one time, that will last a week at best, keep them coming every week (or every other week, if that’s your thing) from June until September. Each arrangement or bouquet will showcase the flowers that are blooming in that particular season, and providing flower lovers with a comprehensive demonstration of the dozens of species and hundreds of varieties that bloom on the farm.

You will also save up to 15% off usual arrangement prices by ordering a subscription!

The recipient of a floral arrangement subscription will have a unique floral arrangement in a vase delivered to the door of their home or place of work each week, or every other week. Weekly subscriptions have length options, you can choose 1, 2, or the full 3 months of the season. Bi-weekly subscriptions are full-season only.

And NEW this year are flower bunch/bouquet subscriptions. This is a lower-cost option for weekly or bi-weekly flowers. Flower bunches will be delivered once a week to one of three locations: Purple Fern Bath Co. in downtown Brainerd, Victual in Crosby, and a Baxter location TBD. Subscribers can then pick their bunches up from these locations any time on delivery day, then bring them home and arrange the flowers to their heart’s content.

Buying bouquets with a subscription saves you $2 per bouquet from the retail price!

You can opt to have a subscription recipient notified via email, or you can print out a card to give to them.

On a practical note, purchasing a flower subscription is a great way to support me and Sonnenblume, because having the payment upfront is not only convenient for you, but it also helps me to cover my beginning-of-the-year expenses. Since I don’t have flowers in the winter, and I choose not to import them, I don’t have a lot of cash flow to cover significant expenses like seeds, seed starting materials, and other growing supplies. Gift cards and subscription purchases are my way of promising you and your loved ones future flowers once the sunshine returns.

I hope you will consider giving the gift of the freshest, most beautiful and unique flowers in the Lakes Area this Valentine’s day and beyond.

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