Purple Season

Things are finally spooling up around here. I accidentally planted the calla lilies too early, aren’t they sweet?

Turns out too early was okay, though, because they fit right in with what I like to call purple season. It’s the time at the end of June and beginning of July where the wildflowers around here are either white or purple (with exceptions).

I’m very grateful to God for coordinating colors for me. It eases my color-centric mind that has recently developed to freak out when colors are uncoordinated or just “off.” Gotta love the many manifestations of perfectionism.


I discovered purple season last year, with great success… While I’m waiting for my garden flowers to bloom, it’s nice to have something to work with and peddle (catch me at the Cuyuna Range Farmer’s Market on Saturdays).


Ditch diving is always a fun time. It’s itchy and usually quite damp. And awkward when people drive by. And there are lots of bugs. FUN.

But rewarding.

One of my most trusted customers commented on things shedding. That’s the thing about spring flowers with tiny florets… they drop their little fuzz all over your counter. So I’m working on avoiding those kinds, or harvesting them at a different stage. Wildflowers can be finicky, so it’s important to watch and experiment with them to learn how they operate before selling them off. Nothing will damage a reputation more than damaged flowers.


I’m always learning.


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