Wild events

I was recently asked to flower for a church event, a celebration of the 5oth anniversary of an important Papal encyclical, the Humanae Vitae, which is a teaching on married love and parenthood.

Of course, things being what they always are, I had next to zero flowers of my own in my garden. You know what that means…

Ditch diving! Wheeeeeeeeeeeee

The Monday before the Saturday event I hopped in the car and drove around the back roads for three hours, scouting. I found a few patches of lovelies, most notably this gorgeous fireweed that I’ve never worked with before, and whose name I didn’t know until I pulled out my wildflower book three seconds ago.

Additionally, I found some bee balm (bergamot, whatever) and fragrant giant hyssop, as well as my old standby veronica-looking-thing, and a thistly friend of some kind.

These served as the backbone and most of the meat of all of the arrangements for the event. I managed to pull together enough stuff to make 25 arrangements in charming blue mason jars.

Of course I was worried leading up to it. I had very few garden flowers. Wildflowers are finicky sometimes. What if I didn’t have enough? Those jars were big! I’d already sent the invoice. What if they looked bad?

But I was taken care of, as always. I had plenty of everything, and I was more than satisfied with all of the arrangements, and I had flowers left over. I had a couple of different color schemes… pinkish and yellowish. I had some sunflowers, and you know me. I HAD to use them.

And they looked perfect with the rest of the centerpiece components the ladies there brought in… log slices, lace and delicate teacups. The flowers often matched the teacups, even.

May I just say, God provides, and He has an eye for color.



  • Steph

    So many at our table commented on the beautiful flowers! They were perfect as was the whole event!
    God surely does provide!
    I was tickled to win one of your bouquets which I displayed for many days at our home! Beautiful!
    Blessings to you, Mary! Good work!!

  • Mary

    Yes, I was so happy to be a part of it. The gals did a really good job pulling everything together! I’m glad you liked the flowers. Thank you!

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