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Study in Purple

There were too many hues and variations of purple, magenta, pink, etc. in the garden in mid-August for me not to do something about it.

It didn’t hurt that my dear friend Maison still had a tinge of purple dye in her hair that brought the whole look together. It seemed like destiny fated this shoot to happen.

We took some photos in front of the piece of white muslin that I had set up in the garage for photos–a setup that is the perfect encapsulation of most of my photo work last year: a bit slapdash, but not looking too bad in the end. I liked having the neutral background to serve as a canvas to showcase the many various flowers and colors in the bouquet.

I have way too much fun with these flower “stickers.” It’s so simple to glue a little flower to a tiny square of Kinesiology tape and affix it to someone’s face or body, but the effect is so unique and eye-catching, and so beautiful. I think this should become the next beauty trend, along the same vein of body glitter (usually not too good for the environment), or dried flower petals glued to the face (which is a really cool idea in my opinion). Maison also asserted that they did not hurt to remove.

It’s really an easy and practical look for the bold, flower-loving bride, festival goer, or everyday person. I’m considering putting some on just to run errands or go out in the coming year.

This bouquet was made entirely of flowers from the garden. When I have that almost-unlimited supply of garden blooms I tend to go a little crazy with a bouquet… This one had about a dozen different types of flowers and foliage. My personal critique (since I made it for practice, after all) would be to bring some of the big fluffy asters out to the front a bit more, above the background flowers, since they recede a little in this design and create sort of a fluffy void. Doing that would also give the bouquet more movement and keep it from looking so stuffed full of flowers.

But, I think I more or less reached my goal to create a subtle ombre effect, from purples so dark they appear almost black on one side, transitioning to lightest pink on the other. Some might argue that there are too many flowers and/or too many different kinds of flowers, but it’s a look that I like and that I enjoy playing with. So there.

We moved to the garden to take some more photos. The darker foliage in the bouquet kept it from getting visually lost in the backdrop of lush greenery. I enjoyed shooting in the garden because we were able to take photos side by side with the living, growing flowers that were featured in the bouquet. It’s a truly unique aspect of farmer-floristry that I really love.

Between the bouquet, the lace jumper, and the pansies on her face, Maison looked like she belonged in the garden amongst the flowers… almost appearing to grow there like a flower herself. Cute.

Below are some photos of the flowers used in this bouquet, growing happily in the garden.

Unfortunately for me, these photos are some of the best shots I got of the flower garden the whole year. For some reason I can never get around to taking photos of the garden as a whole. This year I’m going to try and be better about it, because it’s such a beautiful scene and it’s a shame I don’t have more photos of it. Oh, well; there’s always next year.


  • Linda

    I am so enjoying looking at your beautiful flowers and this lovely bouquet held by this gorgeous young lady!!! The flowers on her face seemed to belong there💞
    I look forward to hearing from you and seeing your flowers, they clearly brighten these cold winter days!

    Happy New Year🥳

  • Mary

    Thank you so much for your kind words, Linda! I am so happy that you’re enjoying the flower photos. The real flowers will be here before we know it!

    Happy New Year!

  • Melissa Krueger

    Absolutely Fabulous!!! Can I be added to your email list please so I can see your blog posts? 😊

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