Weekly Arrangement Subscription


Get unique, local, stunningly beautiful flowers delivered to your door every week!

Sign up for one month (4 flower deliveries), 2 months (8 flower deliveries), or the full-season package going up to (and including) the week of September 15th for a total of 10 arrangements (if ordered before 7/18).

Save 5% when you sign up for 2 months! Delivery charge is absorbed in total price.

Flowers are delivered on Wednesdays or Fridays, so select the day that works best for you. You can always change the day–once or for the rest of your subscription–by contacting me (Mary) at sonnenblumeflowers@gmail.com or (218)-232-7795.

Once you sign up, I will contact you to figure out the best time of day for delivery.

There are 4 sizes available:
The smile-inducing Small (photo 2),
the dinner table adorning Medium (photo 3),
the statement Large (photo 1),
and the luxurious Lavish (photo 4).

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Small, Medium, Large, Lavish

Length of Subscription

1 Month (4 arrangements), 2 months (8 arrangements)

Delivery Date

Wednesday, Friday