Sonnenblume Flowers is currently booking weddings and events for 2020.

Contact Mary at sonnenblumeflowers@gmail.com or (218) 232-7795 to set up a consultation.

Weddings that are romantic and organic in style, rich in texture and tonal colors, that are as beautiful and unique as you, are what I specialize in. I will design your wedding to be as bold or subtle, as wild or reserved, as big and grand, or as simple and intimate as you desire.

My offerings include everything from ceremony and reception pieces (centerpieces, tablescapes, installations, accents, etc.), to wedding party personals (bouquets, boutonnieres, etc). I love a challenge, so if you have a unique idea, you’ve come to the right place!

Couples that are looking for a wedding that is sustainable, ethical, and has a positive impact on the environment and the local economy: look no further. Flowers are always sourced locally first, whether from my farm, the farms of my friends, or the native landscape.

I can work with budgets of all sizes.

Corporate and private events

I would love to provide floral designs for your event, whether it’s a dinner party in your home or a large corporate event. Having flowers around makes people feel more comfortable, and adds a professional touch to an event.

I can create inspiring tablescapes, centerpieces, accents, or installations for your event.

About Mary and Her Process

I have been in the floral industry for over four years, and I have traveled across the country working with designers from all areas to expand my knowledge and hone my skills.

Unsatisfied with the standard flowers that are commercially available, I carefully curate my own garden and fill it with the most beautiful, colorful, fragrant and unusual flowers I can find. I design weddings and events that are beyond the ordinary, that take inspiration from the local environment and artfully blend color, texture, and shape. I want to collaborate with you to create flowers that are completely unique to you and that surpass your wildest dreams.

I know from my own experience that local flowers are of superior quality to imported flowers, and I will settle for nothing less than the highest flower quality to ensure spectacular, fragrant, unique, and long-lasting floral designs for your wedding or event. I want to ensure that the process of growing the flowers did nothing to harm the environment, and that the people who grew them were treated responsibly and paid a fair wage.

Real Weddings Gallery

Styled Shoots for Inspiration

Yellow bouquet, flower crown, and archway–100% foam-free and Sonnenblume-grown flowers

Tribute to Brainerd Bouquet

Purple bouquet and Flower Tattoos

Tribute to Cuyuna Bouquet

Conceptual floral wearables