Mariah + Dalton

This was one of my favorite weddings as it was so simple and allowed me to focus in on the details.

I created the bridal bouquet, bridesmaid bouquets, and a flower girl “wand” for this lovely late-June wedding. The bridesmaid bouquets were small and simple, made up of only three roses, three snapdragons, and seeded eucalyptus greenery; but each flower was able to shine and make its own statement. Their size was a perfect complement to the bridal bouquet, which was on the smaller side as well.

I think that there is value to every size of bouquet. Several different kinds of flowers, and even bigger blooms like the “Cafe Au Lait” dahlias can be carefully incorporated into even the most petite bouquets. Smaller designs can be easier to hold and carry around, and can look better with certain dresses than a large fluttering affair. Of course, it’s all down to what the bride desires for her day.

This wedding really taught me that even the smallest bouquets can be so effective and so beautiful. I actually attended this wedding and noticed that the bridesmaids were having a lot of fun carrying their conveniently small bouquets around, all the way up until dinnertime!

I put my own personal spin on the classic “blush” palette. I skewed a little more toward the peachy-pink side with Shimmer roses, as well as phlox “Blushing Bride”, California poppy “Thai Silk Appleblossom Chiffon,” and snapdragon “Potomac Appleblossom” from my garden.

I was so happy to get the chance to use my own farm-grown flowers in the designs for this wedding. Of course the roses and brunia berries had to be ordered in, because it’s impossible for me to grow them up here in Minnesota. My garden dahlias were not even close to blooming yet so I had to order those in, too. In 2020 I plan to work with U.S. farms to supply the flowers I can’t grow myself, so that even if I can’t get them locally at least I can get them domestically and support American growers.

Here are the flowers I grew myself, and I’ll be growing all of them again this year! (Photos by the named companies, click the links to shop their seeds).

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