Meredith + Kyler

Another favorite wedding of mine! I got to work with a lovely burgundy color palette and lots of farm-fresh flowers, and an amazing bride!

Wedding photos — By Margaret and Mary Sarah

Meredith wanted a beautiful cascading bouquet, so I filled it with flowers from the garden like zinnias, cosmos, queen anne’s lace, asters, and more. I didn’t have any dahlias blooming yet, but thankfully my dear friend Abra of Hawley Hill Gardens came through and provided me with some from her garden.

I also designed 2 arrangements to decorate the church for the ceremony.

The bridesmaid bouquets were similar to those from Mariah + Dalton’s wedding. Meredith had been a bridesmaid in Mariah’s wedding and loved the bridesmaid bouquets, so I made similar ones for her wedding about a month later.

Meredith and Mariah switched places for this wedding, as you can see in the top left photo above!

Each groomsman and a few family members got a little greenery boutonniere. The groom got a little extra pizzazz, my favorite part of his being one of the very few, tiny carnations that actually bloomed in the garden.

Below are some photos of the beautiful flowers growing in the garden. Dahlias, zinnias, and cosmos.

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